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  • Jim McPeake
    General Manager


    Originally from across the pond (UK), he has been residing in the Quinte area for over 10 years.  As a young lad (just 15 years old), Jim got his start in the business as a Tire Fitter.  His career spans 40+ years as he worked his way up from being a Mechanic (called Technician's today) to Service & Parts Manager, to overseeing the Fixed Operations of a large group of Dealers to his current position as General Manager.


    Outside of the business, Jim is passionate about his family, sports including (running, boxing and horse racing).  As the resident "Crooner", he can often be heard walking around the dealership singing out loud, songs from various artists.   Jim also loves to reminisce about his years as a Master Breeder in the Pigeon Racing circles of the United Kingdom.  


    "Having experienced so many different things in this industry throughout your career, HOW do you stay motivated every day?"


    "Every day there are opportunities to learn new things!  Change is inevitable, you have to embrace it!  I want my customers to have the best customer service experience of their lives.  I also want my business to be transparent, built on sound values with the customer in mind!  Bottom line, I love this business!"

  • Mike McCarney
    Fixed Operations Manager

    Mike has been in the car business for over 30 years. He is usually seen around the shop or talking with customers. All of his previous customers and any new customers are invited in to say hi... especially if you haven't seen him in the last year....he has a beard now!

  • Sean Belfry
    Business Manager

    Originally from Toronto. I have lived in the Quinte Region for 13 years, we moved out here after returning to Canada from North Carolina. I have a background of Photojournalism, retail and sales management. I have always had a passion for cars and customer service and joining the automotive industry made sense when looking for a new endevor. I have three kids and an amazing wife who I love to spend time with. I'm also involved in the local community through Quinte Youth Unlimited/Spirit Borne. If I have any spare time I enjoy playing hockey, golf and baseball. 
    Sean Belfry 
    Business Manager 
    Bay Mazda
    Phone - 613-962-9236
    Fax - 613-962-6200

  • Steve Davis
    Sales Representative

  • Matt White

    With over 15 years in the automotive industry Matt is a true car guy, whether it's at the track, car shows or here at the dealership he loves and breathes cars! Eager to help customers find the right vehicle, he will engage you with a smile ready to make your car buying experience a positive one.

  • Jessica Wilton
    613 962 9236

    Shortly after purchasing her Mazda 3 here at Bay Mazda, Jessica is
    now the newest addition to our sales team! As a graduate of the Business
    Sales and Marketing program at Loyalist College, she is eager to build
    her clientele and ensure that all of her customers leave Bay Mazda
    completely satisfied with their purchase and customer service.

  • Jaime Casey
    Parts Manager

  • Nathan Scaife

    Nathan has over 8 years experience! What is he doing in the picture you might ask? Someone dropped a ring down the vent and he is fishing it out.... #skilled

  • Allan Pettem

  • Ron Simmons

    Parts Manager

    Tucker is not only the dealership guard dog but is the Parts Manager too! He lets Jaime call herself the parts manager only because he can't talk.... yet. You can often find him sitting on the parts desk, making sure that the department is on task and getting things done.  He has always been passionate about chasing cars.
    You might be able to coax him out of his deep sleep by exchanging treats or ear scratching.